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Romancing the Bean: Chronicles of a Coffee Snob in Panama


Romancing the Bean: Chronicles of a Coffee Snob in Panama...a light-hearted look at one of the world's most traded commodities by a neophyte coffee farmer in the highlands of Panama.

Follow the beans of Cafe Mariposa Azul from Finca Luz in Boquete, Panama to the breakfast cup. Discover the intricacies and intrigues of specialty coffee—what makes it special, or not. Learn about the challenges faced by small and large coffee farmers. Explore cupping, the ritual of slurping, sipping and spitting that yields solemn pronouncements like: Fruity, with hints of vanilla and hazelnut over a layer of chocolate. (And yes, we ARE talking about coffee—not wine or a luxe dessert!). From field to cup, the journey coffee takes to get to your  table is complex and fraught with difficulties. It's frankly amazing that anyone, anywhere, can afford it!

Romancing the Bean is the real life adventure into the world of coffee taken by a woman from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where her mother still drinks instant coffee. If nothing else, you will learn why: Robusta sucks!

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Cloud Forests Secrets: Herbs to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Why suffer from crippling arthritis pain any longer? Why stuff your body with more expensive, (potentially toxic) chemical & drug cocktails that often don't work—and may have deadly side effects?

Find out what millions of people around the world still suffering from the debilitating consequences of arthritis do not realize: that degenerative arthritis and joint pain can halted, reversed, and possibly even cured with a select combination of healing herbs, medicinal foods and other natural remedies. These herbs and remedies are safer, less expensive and often even more effective than many conventional methods or drugs on the market and they are readily available!

You can heal yourself! You can relieve your arthritis pain and you can be healthy again!

In this easy to follow guide, Cloud Forest Herbalists Elizabeth Worley and Dianne Heidke will show you what they have learned from the indigenous peoples in Central and South America who have faced these problems and solved them naturally for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. It is possible to relieve arthritis pain through the use of medicinal plants and an easy to follow, multi-pronged, mindful approach to your health. The CFB approach is based on well researched current science and the shared knowledge of age old herbal traditions from all over the world. The CFB approach to health is a potent marriage of the past and present—all intended to give you a healthier future.

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It is becoming more imperative every day that we be given the chance to take responsibility for our own health. This no-nonsense guide shows how every person can do that, by following a simple and amazingly effective protocol. Take back the power to direct your own health. Get started, today, on the path to robust well-being.    

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Window Herb Guide: Everyday Medicinal Uses for Common Kitchen Herbs

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With a recorded history that dates back thousands of years, the roots of herbalism are deep. Traditional herbalism can be a useful tool to sooth common ailments and to provide preventative care.

Cloud Forest Botanicals’ Window Herb Guide will show you how what you’re already eating is helping you and give you ideas of how better to use what’s in your garden -- or perhaps even your backyard -- to continue to improve your health naturally. Includes information on common herbs and recipes to best enjoy their flavor while also taking advantage of their medicinal properties.

How to Get Off Wheat and NOT Starve

How to Get Off Wheat is one in a series of short, solution-based PDF’s we’re creating to empower our clients to better deal with some of the most prevalent health challenges without drugs or, hopefully, surgical interventions. Healing naturally, affordably and effectively.

When people come to us at Cloud Forest Botanicals with persistent complaints and chronic, long-term illnesses, we generally tell them as part of our protocol that they should start by taking wheat and gluten out of their diet. It's as if you've told them that their favorite pet has just been accidentally taken to the taxidermist. No, actually, it's worse than that. They really do almost have a nervous break down.

I know. I understand. I did too. Apart from potatoes, bread was – and still is – one of my favorite foods. You don't grow up in an Anglo/Euro country or any part of the western world without loving bread. Ironically, it's bread into you from birth! (Ouch! Bad pun).

But if you're like me, sick and tired of having whatever it is that is constantly bugging you, something you can't fix it through the normal channels because you have already tried that, whether it's a small persistent skin issue or a serious auto-immune disease, then, like me, you are almost ready to try anything. Almost. Even if it means dealing with the "B" word.

MANYThis short booklet will help you understand the reasons for getting off bread (and all gluten products) and will help get you through it. We know, we've done it, and so have MANY  of our clients.

How to Get Off Wheat and NOT Starve
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