What is your vacation style?

Do you want an adventure in the jungle? Luxury spa treatments? Birdwatching? Fine dining? Would you like to take  a leisurely stroll through a unique garden? If you don’t find enough to do on the farm here, all of these and more are available in Boquete. The diversity of this area offers SO much to see and DO! Here are a few of the popular activities nearby:

  • Tour a world-class coffee finca and learn the mysteries of coffee ‘cupping,’ the stylized ritual that connoisseurs use to evaluate and describe coffee. Here, in the rich volcanic soil of Volcan Baru with the right balance of rain and sun, grow the finest Arabica coffees in the world, confirmed annually in the International Specialty Coffee competitions. Finca Luz will be happy to recommend the fincas that give unique, hands-on coffee tours to guests.
  • Conquer Volcano Baru - There are two ways to reach the  towering 11,700 foot summit of Volcan Baru. You can hike, which will take about 12 hours round trip. Or, you can catch a ride with one of the 4 x 4 jeeps servicing the park. This option still takes about 8 hours. The road is very rough. Notice: the climb is very difficult because of the length and steepness of the trail. Take this into consideration–and don’t attempt it without a local, experienced guide! People get lost. People die of exposure. Every year.
  • Hike the Quetzal Trail, one of the most famous trails in all of Panama, home of the rare Resplendent Quetzal. You can hike from Boquete to Cerro Punta (mostly uphill), or the reverse (mostly downhill). It is a 5-7 hour hike, so it can be completed in one day. (Currently closed for repairs following the death of a guide due to a washed out bridge. Open again early 2012.).
  • Whitewater River Rafting and/or Kayaking. Several companies offer 1/2 day and full day rafting excursions, on everything from child-friendly floats to adrenalin filled Class 4 and 5 rapids. Along the coast there are kayak tours through the mangroves.
  • Zip Line through the Canopy of the Cloud Forest with Boquete Tree Trek. Morning and afternoon trips available.
  • Hot Springs Caldera - Hot and bubbly mineral water right next to the Caldera River! Take a dip in both hot and cold. Rainbow colored parakeets gather noisily by the hundreds in the fruit trees overhead. Walk in or ride a horse. Don’t expect luxury from the hot springs themselves, though, as they are rustic sand bottomed pools surrounded by rock walls. The hot volcanic water bubbles up from beneath. Still, it is an enchanting experience Take your own snacks and water to drink. And, while you are in the Caldera area, stop in to see the ancient petroglyphs carved on huge boulders by lost tribes. Taxi service, round trip, is available from Boquete.
  • Horseback Riding – Trail rides for an hour, a day, or overnight.
  • Mi Jardin Es Su Jardin and El Explorador are both whimsical gardens open to the public. Tropical plantings, amusing trails and exhibits. A delightful way to spend an hour or so.
  • Attend a Panamanian Folklorico exhibition– or better yet, come during November for one of the numerous Dias del Patrias — patriotic parades.
  • Luxurious spa treatments and a variety of therapeutic interventions are available in a range of prices for every budget. Yoga classes. Massage, facial, pedicure in your cabin. All things are possible! Ask us!

Guided tours of the area that feature one or more activities are available daily.