CBD -- How much do I take?

How much cbd do I take?

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How much do I take?

The answer: It depends. It depends on the reason you want to take CBD, what you hope to accomplish, your overall health, your prior experience with any cannabis related products (yes—that does include when you inhaled in college!), the state of your gut health (ask us why this matters!), etc.

Bottom line, each individual is unique. You will need to make some informed decisions and then—following the CBD mantra of START LOW, GO SLOW—find the optimum minimum dosage for you and your situation.

How do I know how much I am getting? Standard droppers measure in milliliters — 15 drops equals 1 ml. You will need to know how many milligrams are in each drop or milliliter of the formula you are considering. Then calculate how much to take to get the amount you feel is right for you.

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