Getting Here

Getting To Finca Luz

Finca Luz is located in the cool cloud forest highlands of Boquete, in the Chiriquí Province, just below the Costa Rica border.  Most people arrive to Boquete, one way or another, firstly into David, the captial of our province. (pronounced dah-VEED).

From David you make your way up the mountain towards Boquete, a distance of 38 kilometers. This is a modern four lane highway--allow about 40 minutes, as traffic and weather conditions require safe driving.

  • AIR – Air Panama offers daily flights from Panama City to David. Air Panama also offers three weekly flights from San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • TAXIS -  Taxis are readily available at the airport to and from Boquete. Be sure to negotiate the cost BEFORE they load up your bags! Usually $25-30, one way to Boquete town central.
  • RENTAL CARS - If you are interested in car rentals, services are available at the airport in David, and also in Boquete. The quoted price does NOT include all the various insurances, taxes, etc. Get this information up front–and yes, you are required to purchase certain insurances. Your US, Canadian or European drivers license is fine for a period of 90 days. If you are driving in Panama, be careful. The roads are full of pedestrians, slow moving cars and trucks, speeding cars and trucks, horses, sometimes cattle. Always carry your identification with you. If you get stopped by the Transitos (traffic police) smile, show your papers, and act dumb.
  • BUS – There are express bus services from Panama City to David. These depart from the terminal at Albrook Mall in Panama City. Some of the buses are very modern, equipped with working toilets, in-transit movies, and some are double-deckers with very comfy seats. Others have seen better days. All are air-conditioned. Some are frigid. Take a sweater or jacket. The trip from Panama City to David takes about 7 hours, with a stop mid-way in Santiago for food ata  cafeteria (surprisingly good).