Medicine Trail

Cloud Forest Botanicals Medicine Trail at Finca Luz -- NOW CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR. 

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The tropical rain forests of Panama and South America are among the oldest and  most complex eco-systems on our planet. They are estimated to house almost half of the world’s plant, animal, and insect life and are the Earth’s primary gene pool from which foods, medicine and other products for the industrialized world are derived.

Tropical rain forest plants already provide one-quarter of today’s pharmaceuticals and, according to The National Cancer Institute, a full 70% of the plants useful in the treatment of cancer are to be found only in our disappearing rain forest.

Finca Luz:  Part of our commitment to rain forest sustainability is to encourage visitors to Boquete, Panama to get up close and personal with it… in a gentle way. In a designated area of the farm, on an old Indian walking trail, visitors can meander through different rain forest mini eco-systems and view the  plants in their natural settings. Walking the Medicine Way Trail is an educational introduction to some of these plants, the legends that surround them, the ways that Big Pharma is now attempting to exploit them–and how you, personally, can utilize them for improved health and well-being.