What are tinctures?

Tinctures are Herbal Extracts

Liquid alcohol-based extracts are called TINCTURES .They offer a convenient and practical method for taking herbs. Tinctures preserve the active ingredients of the plants, boast a long shelf life and can easily be added to water, juice or teas.They can also be taken alone, straight from the dropper for an almost immediate effect.

Our extracts ( tinctures) are handcrafted using time honored methods and processed according to the constituents of each plant. Meticulous attention during the curing period or extraction process yields a potent tincture of consistent quality. Our exceptional extracts are made with organically grown , wild-harvested plants in a pure 100% proof cane alcohol.

How to Use Tinctures  

  1. Tinctures are easily assimilated by the body,convenient to use and offer more potent medicinal properties than dried or herbs or capsules.   
  2. Average shelf life of Tinctures is about 3-5 years,depending on how they are stored. Keeping your tinctures in a cool, dark space will extend their life cycle but refrigeration is not necessary.
  3. To use liquid herbal tinctures, add the suggested dose ( a dose = 1ml or 15-20 drops) to water, juice or straight under the tongue. 
  4. If Taken straight under the tongue, hold the tincture for a few seconds to get best possible absorption.
  5. Some tinctures can be applied topically, The Bitter is Better tincture for example can be used directly on fungal infections with very good results.     
  6. Proper dosage depends on the plant and the strength of the tincture. Generally at CFBwe use a good strong 1-- to 4 ratio of plant to alcohol. This means that for every 1 part of fresh plant, 4 parts of alcohol is added.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

A Word about Safety

Almost all of the plants used by Cloud Forest are on the GRAS list of plants, ( those 'Generally Recognized As Safe') as issued by the US Federal Govt.  Some plants are a little more exotic but all have long histories of safe use within the major herbal traditions of the world. We follow those traditions. Start slowly when using the tinctures, with 1 or 2 standard doses, see how your body reacts. If you feel dizzy, have elevated pulse rate , breathing issues, back off. These reactions are extremely rare but everyone is different.  if you are using tinctures advise your Doctor. If you are pregnant or nursing do not use tinctures unless under the guidelines of a certified Naturopath or Clinician.