The Science of Wildcrafting

What is wild-crafting and Why is it important?

Wildcrafting is a term for the age-old practice of collecting plant materials in their natural habitat for food, medicine, and craft.  Originally such activity was the only grocery store, medicine chest, and hardware store, available to man.  But eventually the “found materials” became a source of income to buy what could not be “gleaned” from nature. We know from our plant studies that plants in the 'wild' or those not 'cultivated' or farm raised are stronger and have much higher levels ( up to 40% higher!) of nutrients and bio-active compounds.

At Cloud Forest Botanicals we wildcraft many of our herbs. Of course plants in the wild are subject to weather issues and from time to time these things do happen. When that happens we harvest from reliably organic sources, those we absolutely know adhere to our standards of purity. It is important to know your plants and know where they come from!

Anamu: A Potent Anti-Inflammatory

Turmeric: a Powerful Natural Pain Reliever