Oral Tinctures

Cloud Forest Botanical herbal tinctures are herbal remedies hand crafted in small artisanal batches from organic, locally grown or wild crafted plants in a 1:2 or 1:3 potency for maximum effectiveness. You are assured of the highest quality herbal product available.

Our tinctures are now available in a more economical 2 ounce size. We recommend, for ongoing issues, that you order more than one to save on shipping. 

ULTRA-Turmeric - Now potentiated with Piperine!


ULTRA-Turmeric - Now potentiated with Piperine!


Our super-potent, organic turmeric extract is now even MORE EFFECTIVE at reducing inflammation, pain and healing.

Cutting edge research shows that the addition of piperine extract (from organic black pepper) enhances the bioavailability of turmeric's potent phytochemicals by up to 1000%, or more!

We have tinctured a potent organic piperine and added 6% to our already high quality, harvest and processed fresh turmeric.

A more economical natural remedy option for reducing chronic or acute inflammation and pain. Contains approx. 96 15 drop doses.

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Recommended use for acute problems is 30 drops 3-4 times a day. For well-being maintenance, 30 drops once a day.

Not All Turmeric products are created equal. CFB's turmeric is organically grown in the cloud forest of Panama. It is hand harvested, processed fresh for maximum potency and 'cured' for 8 weeks. The ratio of active ingredients in our tincture is an astounding 1:2. This means you receive the MAXIMUM benefits of this powerful healing medicine plant.


Is one of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory plants. It reduces pain of arthritis, injury or surgery: 

  • Contains a high concentration of powerful anti-oxidant curcuminoids:
  • Provides free radical protection:
  • Improves digestion and gastro-intestinal system health
  • Supports liver function;
  • Has cytotoxic action (anti-cancer cell) in current research studies.