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2nd Boquete Mountain Yoga Retreat

Finca Luz, Boquete, Panama

April 14th, 9:AM – 4 PM

A full day of Rejuventaion for Body, Mind and Spirit.

 Yoga on the Mountain

Yoga on the Mountain

  • Yoga and pranyama instruction by Dina Ramaha.
  • A meditative walk through the Medicine Way Trail with Dianne Heidke.
  • Guided visualization and exercises to tap into creativity by Elizabeth Worley.
  • A fabulous, healthy luncheon AND late afternoon tea time.

Give yourself a gift of health, relaxation and rejuvenation.

$75.00 for the full day, including transportation from Boquete if needed.

Here's what people said about the February 2012 Boquete Mountain Yoga Retreat:


Elizabeth, Dianne and Dina -- you created a lovely day which I enjoyed very much. Such a unique opportunity, and right here in little Boquete! I hope that you do more, and I would definitely come. I have been enthusiastically talking about the workshop day with friends, and almost always I find myself saying that just being in the environment which you have created both inside, on the terrace, and on the grounds was equally as stimulating as the workshop activities themselves...Finca Luz is an aesthetically and spiritually pleasing environment to be in.” KW, Panama

“A few years ago I went to a three day women's yoga retreat at the Yasodhara Ashram in British Columbia.  There was some hatha yoga, a lot of guided imagery and Jungian dream work and quite a bit of time was spent on the hidden language of yoga.  I enjoyed those aspects of your yoga retreat as well.  The hidden language of yoga exercise and guided imagery were especially powerful for me.  I think Dina is an incredible yoga teacher. I loved the Medicine Way tour! ...It is so interesting for me to learn about the herbal treatments here because they are WAY different from the herbs we would use. You gave us was a wonderful and high quality retreat.  I loved every minute of it.... I guess I'm just asking for more of what you already provided. Thank you so much!!” TC, Panama

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