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Boquete Coffee Break -- The Ultimate Luxury

Ripe coffee cherries

Ripe coffee cherries

We all know that a cup of coffee in the morning can banish the cobwebs, help us focus, and propel us into our day, giving us just the lift we need to “get up and do what needs to be done.” (Thank you, Garrison Keillor). And mid-afternoon, to combat the post-lunch gotta-have-a-nap let down, a cup of java is just the ticket. Want to catch up on the latest news with a friend? Let's go for coffee! For some, dinner is not complete until finished with an espresso. No matter what time of day, we love our coffee, for what it gives to our brain and our social life. But, did you also know that coffee (and its caffeine) applied topically can provide exceptional benefits to your skin? Since the 1970's, major studies have been coming out of universities and cosmetic laboratories showing that creams containing coffee/caffeine:

  • quickly reduces puffiness and under-eye circles;
  • constricts the blood vessels that cause rosacea and evens out skin tone;
  • acts as a powerful anti-oxidant food for the skin;
  • repairs UV sun damage in skin; tones and tightens skin, minimizing the fine lines in mature skin;
  • further, when coffee is incorporated into a body scrub, it quickly reduces cellulite up to 17%.
Coffee cherries 2011

Since the beginning, Cloud Forest Botanicals at Finca Luz, a cloud forest sanctuary in Boquete, Panama, has been basing our specialty skin cream recipes on the healing and rejuvenating properties of organic, shade grown arabica coffee.

Cafe Mousse Face Creme

Cafe Mousse Face Creme

Our Café Mousse Face Crème is a luxurious blend of organic oils and natural beeswax infused with healing medicinal plant extracts and organic coffee. Café Mousse Face Crème hydrates, provides natural sun block, feeds the skin with powerful antioxidants, evens skin tone, minimizes fine lines and helps heal skin irritations. It is concentrated—so a little goes a long way. A small jar will last up to two months—such a bargain at only $12.00!

In 2011, after seeing the amazing results our clients were experiencing from the regular use of Café Mousse Crème, we decided to add a Café Body Crème to our line. This sinfully good body cream glides on and is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin feeling satiny smooth and soft. Applied after sun, swimming or shower, it hydrates, reduces inflammation, soothes and heals damage from over exposure to sun, and just plain feels good. Now available in a 6 oz tube, for $10.00. Again...it's concentrated. Don't over do it.

Now, here's our hottest tip for how to benefit from the beauty built into a cup of coffee:

Café Body Scrub – a do-it-yourself spa treatment.

  • Mix 1/3 cup plain yoghurt with 2 Tablespoons of good quality ground coffee. Let it stand for 15 minutes.
  • Hop into the shower and then work the scrub into cleaned skin. Massage it all over, using circular motions.
  • Don't forget feet and face! Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

You will be amazed. Your skin will be soft and silky. You will feel energized. This is a VERY good thing. Make this a once a week treat for yourself.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Finish your in home spa treatment by spritzing with Fabulous Face Spritzer(another incredible Cloud Forest Botanical product), then apply Cafe Body Crème all over. Massage a small amount of Café Mousse Face Crème into your face and neck. There. Almost done.

Lastly, prop your feet up and enjoy a fresh pressed cup of organic Boquete coffee. Now THIS is the ultimate coffee break!