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Christmas Fruits & Flowers at Finca Luz

December 30, 2011.

Christmas Eve Double Rainbow Over Boquete

Christmas Eve Double Rainbow Over Boquete

So, here we are, on the mountain, 24+ hours away from the end of 2011. Is it just me, or has this year just whizzed by at warp speed? So much has happened. So many tasks accomplished...so many miles traveled...so much more to do and look forward to. I am seriously excited and curious about what the road ahead will reveal. I need to remember to take my vitamins and drink my breakfast 'green drink' so I have the energy required!

I look back at the days, weeks, months since this time last year and I am amazed.

  • House expanded and remodeled. Check.
  • Cabana Mariposa Azul (almost) ready for guests. Check.
  • Plants planted, harvested, crafted into amazingly effective products, and SOLD! Check.
  • Trails built. Check.
  • Pond stocked with mountain trout. Check.
  • Trek to China and the top of the Great Wall. Check.
  • Familial relationships monitored (as much as they can be, given that family members may or may not be obedient!). Check.
  • Books published. Check.
  • Lessons learned...we hope. Check.
  • Love lived...deeply. Check.

A bit dizzying. For each of us it is different, but no less rich. It is good to take a moment, now, at the point of time between one season, one year, and the next and reflect on what has passed under the bridge...and to contemplate what we wish to create in the next span of time unfolding. The fruits of our labors...the flowering of our dreams.

Finca Luz

Finca Luz

I want, for this next year, to learn more. About Life, the Universe, and Everything. About plants. About people. About Holy Hospitality--as my dear friend Michael once called it: the art of making people welcome. What Jesus would have done if he had been standing at the gate of Finca Luz saying, "Come on in!" (I am not particularly religious--but it seems fitting to acknowledge the Christ, the Light, in this moment of shifting from dark to light--or light to dark, depending on whether you are above or below the equator. Perspective is all, isn't it?).

What do you want? Ponder carefully what you wish for.

The living of life here, in Panama, at Finca Luz has been such an experience of expansion. I want, this next year, to share this Holy Hospitality, this expansion of spirit, with others, with an invitation to heal, to grow, to create, to be...to both receive and to give.

Bienvenidos a Finca Luz on this, the eve of 2012.


Follow the link to see Christmas Fruits and Flowers at Finca Luz. Nice, eh?


Elizabeth Worley

Bienvenidos a Finca Luz