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A New Testimonial

“Hi Dianne,

Just a quick update.  Jim is feeling much better.  The cough has loosened and he has much more energy.  He is drinking water and walking with me.  He just said: “Tell her that stuff tastes like shit but it works!”  There is a smile on his face and he “looks” better.  Just about like his old self.  I will keep him walking the straight and narrow and continue taking the “stuff” until it is gone.

We put this up here because this particular client has had some very serious health challenges. Since coming to the Boquete area recently, he was beset by the usual bronchial troubles that everyones goes through here,especially in the rainy season. Most get over these issues relatively quickly but for Jim these problems, the cough, the congestion, the feeling lousy with no energy, were just lingering on. With his health history he can’t afford to have his immune system compromised for any period of time. We mixed two special treatments for him and less than a week later he is clearly seeing real results. Just shows you what clean , powerful herbs can do for our systems. Viva the Herbal Revolution!!