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A skeptic converts to Cloud Forest Botanicals herbal healing

This testimonial came in from a client yesterday afternoon. She had a long,complicated medical history . She came up to the farm and did a private consult with us. To get a whole picture of what was going on with her internally took some time. We settled on a special Cloud Forest Botanical herbal mix and an extract was made up for her. Here are her comments -

“From: Cindy Thomas  (********s@yahoo.com)>

Subject: Cloud Forest Botanicals Changed My Life

Message Body: I have been treated for an internal problem for years, but the problem kept getting worse.  After medication and surgery that did not work, the US specialist gave up and sent me home with high doses of Vicodin.  After a consultation with Elizabeth and Dianne, they made a special mixture for me.  I will admit, I did not expect any results but was at the point that I would try anything.  Within 3 days, I saw a difference but was hesitant to mention it.  After a week, a vast improvement and after 10 days – NO pain for the first time in years.  It’s been about 6 weeks now and Cloud Forest Botanicals made me “normal”.  I am a true believer now. ”

Thanks Cindy!

The power of plants to help stimulate the healing process and get our bodies back to a state of homeostasis is undeniable. Do yourself a favor and look into what herbals can do for you. Don’t wait until you have chronic long-term illnesses and have spent a fortune on allopathic  ‘CURES’ . If you have a question about something specific and can’t find help, email us here at Cloud Forest Botanicals.