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Health and well-being through rain forest botanicals and sustainable living

CFB Products Now available in Panama City!

Cloud Forest Botanicals are now available in Panama City at Culantro Rojo Organica. Please visit them in Casco Viejo and show your support for healthy, organic alternatives.

Our new hypar greenouse

Our new hypar greenouse

Our products are also available by special order direct from the  Cloud Forest Queens, shipped anywhere in Panama. Most orders can be filled within 4 working days–unless floods or other calamities have wiped out our plant beds! Right now, things are looking good, with the new greenhouse in place to protect our organic medicinal plants from the heavy September rains.

Cloud Forest Botanicals is now entering its 2nd year and we are GROWING! (I know–bad pun!). Here are our top selling products, that keep us picking, processing, and producing the customized small batch alternative health products we are known for.

  • Café Mousse Face Creme. Hydrating, regenerating, healing skin treatment that gradually fades age spots, minimizes wrinkles, and encourages skin to rebuild itself from within. Very concentrated—use only a small amount.
  • Rapid Heal First Aid Salve.  A soothing combination of herbs that fights bacteria and skin fungus, promotes rapid healing of damaged skin cells, minimizes scarring. For insect bites, minor cuts, scrapes, burns, skin rashes, eczemas & certain fungal conditions
  • Fabulous Face SpritzerNEW!! A cooling, refreshing, toning spritzer that soothes and tightens tired, hot skin. Start and end your day with an energizing spritz!
  • Super Immune Booster TinctureA synergistic combination to jump-start your immune system. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial. Contains llanten, ortiga, rosemary, Echinacea, Anamu and other active ingredients.
  • Calm and Clear.  Reduce anxiety and enhance mental focus, naturally, safely, organically. 100% gotu kola tincture. Shown in multiple pharmaceutical studies to lessen feelings of anxiety, improve memory,mood & energy.
  • Garlic Tincture. Garlic’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties have been known for centuries. Use this tincture to reduce cholesterol, support immune system, fight candida
  • Amazon Anamu & Ortiga Anti-Inflammatory Combo. Petiveria alliacea (anamu) is receiving attention from major pharmaceutical research companies for its anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. Cloud Forest Botanicals is cultivating this hard to obtain rain forest plant. Ortiga (urtica) has a long history in the treatment of arthritis and conditions involving the urinary tract and/or prostate. This combo provides powerful anti-inflammatory relief.

All of Cloud Forest Botanical products are prepared by hand, from locally grown or wild-crafted organic herbs and rainforest plants.No fillers, binders, artificial preservatives or chemicals used—ever.

PLEASE: Return your used CFB bottles and jars to us so that we can recycle them. Receive a 10% discount on your next purchase when you return your containers. If you can’t return them to us, please dispose of them consciously.