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Cloud Forest Queens Learn from the Low Land Embera

In December 2012,  the Cloud Forest Queens from Finca Luz took a trip up the Chagres River, Panama to meet the local Embera tribes people. This particular group had migrated  from the Darien region of Panama some years ago and established a base on the river about two hours  north of Panama City, Panama.


They are a wonderfully welcoming people, quiet and dignified. Our purpose there was to spend some time in their environment and learn about the healing practices and plants of the region.

They showed us a fascinating array of plants for numbing pain, increasing sexual potency and cleaning the teeth. There were some plants we had in common with them, even though our plants live at a much higher elevation. All through history cultures in diverse parts of the world have used plants as medicines. Many cultures, like the Embera and the mountain folk of Panama still do.

Embera 3.jpg

Many people come to us at Cloud Forest Botanicals as a ‘last resort’. Everything ‘modern medicine’ has to offer them has failed. In many cases they have spent huge amounts of money trying to be well and still allopathic doctores  have come up short, often  not even wishing to address the underlying causes of the DIS-ease. It’s a wonderful thing to be the port of last resort. You have nowhere to go but up.

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Like the Embera, we give our people plants that work. Like the Embera, we know our plants. We know which plants have a proven ability to address the underlying issues and strengthen the body from within without toxic chemicals and side-effects. It’s a wonderful thing when clients come to you and say: “I have tried everything available but nothing worked, until this. It has changed my life.”

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If you are in Panama, as a resident or a visitor, come visit the Medicine Way Trail Tour and learn first hand about the plants Nature has given to all of us for healing and well-being.  The Tour is offered on Monday and Wednesday mornings by reservation for two or more guests. Contact us for more information in the Services section of the website.