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The Cold /Flu season is upon us, virulent (no pun intended) and early! N1H1,Equine Encephalitis, Dengue and various strains of all the usual cold/flu bugs are about. Perhaps it’s related to the extreme weather through-out the country. Nevertheless, for the past six months we have been providing friends and friends of friends in the community who have been suffering from assorted cold/flu/bronchial related problems with our pure, wild-crafted, botanical formula, Xtreme Green. It gives sustained relief from coughs, colds, breathing issues, throat inflammation and many of the usual cold/flu symptoms without chemicals or system damaging antibiotics.


 Antibiotics cannot stop a flu virus. Antiviral herbs however, suffer from no such limitations. And here’s a secret most people don’t know—plants manufacture their own antiviral medicines. They contain literally thousands of different medicinal compounds that are able to attack viruses with a full spectrum of synergistic natural forces. Thus, even mutating viruses find themselves unable to escape the multifaceted medicinal cocktail of antiviral plants.

The testimonials for Xtreme Green have been 100% positive – this stuff works! Our formula is based on traditional recipes that have been used for centuries by cultures from all over the world. And, lucky us, living in Panama, the heart of medicinal plant pharmacopea!

With our Xtreme Green you can build your defenses against those dreaded bugs and if you have already been invaded, this will help you expel them! Note: Frank Gruber (Herbalist) gave details of an excellent home remedy drink, which he posted on www.boquete.org. Check that out too. If you use that in conjunction with our Xtreme Green, you just may keep all this stuff at bay! If you do come down with cold/flu and also have a nasty cough, our No Bark!! Herbal cough syrup will help too, it’s loaded with antiviral, antispasmodic and expectorant herbal tinctures in a soothing honey lemon base. All organic, of course.

To order your supply –visit our online shop or stop by our stall at the Tuesday Morning Meeting Market in Boquete.