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Good results for treating Ringworm

A client recently came to CFB (Cloud Forest Botanicals) seeking help with a pretty invasive,not to mention unsightly(!), case of ringworm. Ringworm is actually not a worm at all but a type of fungal infection attacking the skin.The climate here in chiriqui,Panama, makes it a great place for fungi and CFB gets asked all the time about different types of fungal skin problems. This particular client was given the“Rapid Heal” salve to apply topically ( twice/three x a day) plus for internal immune system support, the “Super Immune Booster”  (a tincture containing half a dozen strengthening,medicinal plants).

This particular client called us yesterday ( Feb 8,2012) to report that after a few days of this combined internal/external, whole body approach, the condition was greatly improved.

So do keep this in mind, there are simple herbal alternatives to over-the-counter fungicides which often have residual implications for your immune system and organs.