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Heal Yourself, Heal the Rainforest – New Tinctures!

Cloud Forest Botanicals has added NEW Rainforest Healing tinctures to its line up.

We are excited to present our new organic, rainforest tincture formulas. These combinations make it much easier for you to choose  the plant combinations best suited to your needs.

  • Anti-Inflammatory I – A reliable anti-inflammatory combo of Anamu & Ortiga for nagging problems
  • Anti-inflammatory II– A powerful mix of Ortiga, Anamu, Tumeric & Horsetail for chronic inflammatory issues
  • Baja Presion– Lower your blood pressure with these reliable,safe, plants – Llanten, Lemongrass & Rosemary
  • Gut health I – Mild to Moderate gut issues can be addressed with this effective mix - Tumeric, Llanten, Ginger & Anamu
  • Gut Health II– Moderate to severe gut issues need a much more powerful combo – Tumeric, Guaco, Llanten & Comfrey

Our popular tried and true formulas are STILL available -

  • Bitter is Better — For Liver and Kidney support -Ortiga, Anamu, Guaco.
  • Calm & Clear–  Reduce Anxiety, focus concentration, increase circulation to the brain- Gotu Kola, Rosemary, Cayenne.
  • Super Immune Booster — Keep your immune system strong! – Llanten, Rosemary, Echinacea, Gotu Kola, Ortiga, Anamu

And more SIMPLES -

    • Garlic – Antibiotic of the plant world
    • Echinacea – The King of anti-Infectious herbs
    • Usnea -  Bacteria/Virus Fighter
    • Valerian – Sleep Enhancer

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