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Health and well-being through rain forest botanicals and sustainable living

Herbal medicine? Drug companies are watching.

Pharmaceutical companies from the US and Europe are investing heavily in Panama. They are building labs. They are cutting deals with universities. They are sending researchers out into the rain forest. They are interviewing native curanderos or herbalists. Why? Because the biodiversity of Panama, which is the land bridge between North and South America, contains the greatest variety of plants with powerful healing properties anywhere on the planet. Big Pharma knows this and is seeking to harvest the wisdom and power of these valuable plants for mass marketing.


Start here to begin your journey into the world of herbal rain forest medicine

Here at Finca Luz in Boquete, Panama, Cloud Forest Botanicals is protecting the wild, organic propagation of key rain forest medicinal plants that are currently under intense scrutiny by Big Pharma. Anama, plantago major, guaco, ortiga to name but a few of these. We have over 50 medicinal plants growing here. Some are native to the rain forest, others have worldwide traditional use as healing herbs and we have introduced them to the farm and grow them according to strict organic guidelines. From key herbs (native, wild and cultivated), we are making potent herbal tinctures that have been traditionally used for a number of health conditions, including high blood pressure, arthritis, digestive problems, bronchial distress, skin problems.

The difference between what we at Cloud Forest Botanicals (and many other herbalists around the world) are doing and what Big Pharma is doing is that we use the plant in situ, as it is grown. We do not extract one or two active ingredients in a laboratory, process it chemically, call it a miracle drug and then demand a king’s ransom for it.

Anamu…powerful anti-inflammatory. Also being researched for anti-cancer properties.


No, we carefully harvest the plant, subject itsleaves, stems and/or roots to minimal processing…trusting that Nature knows best, that the synergy of all the elements in the plant working together is what produces its powerful ability to heal or relieve symptoms…and we offer it to clients at affordable prices.

At Cloud Forest Botanicals we use no chemicals, preservatives, fillers, synthetic binders in any of our tinctures or skin care products. Ever. We bring to you only what Nature herself has grown and offered. We think this is the future of medicine…a return to the wisdom of the past.

We invite you to visit Finca Luz, walk the Cloud Forest Medicine Way  Trail. Taste, touch and feel the plants where they grow. Learn about the traditional uses and current research. Wander through micro-ecologies that go from deep forest to open meadow to wetlands. Pause by the Meditation Pond and feel the energy of the negative ions in the air. Breathe.

Afternoon Tea on the Terrace


After your gentle walk, relax on The Terrace with your hosts. Enjoy the fresh baked cakes, organic jams, tea sandwiches, local cheese and Boquete coffee or herbal tea they offer.

A unique, tranquil, educational experience you will take with you. Begin your exploration of natural healing here, at Finca Luz.