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Medicine Way Trail Special Event - August 21

Come Bleed the Dragon!

 Sangre de Drago tree - 8 years old

Sangre de Drago tree - 8 years old

Wednesday August 21. This week, at the full moon,  the conditions are ideal at Finca Luz in Bouqete to 'bleed' the Sangre de Drago trees. Learn with us (it's our first time!) the process of collecting the prized red resin of this indigenous rainforest tree.  Sangre de Drago's resin is a powerful wound healer and is used throughout Central and South America to heal serious internal digestive problems. Centuries of traditional indigenous use are now being supported by current US and European scientific studies.

Join us Wednesday, August 21 to engage your senses as you smell, touch and taste your way through an introduction to herbal healing. Discover the everyday application of alchemy as we open ourselves to the power of self-healing using elements found in Nature.

The Medicine Way Tour is open by advance reservation on Monday and Wednesday, 9:30 AM.  The cost is $30 per person and includes the educational tour and a sumptuous morning coffee hour on The Terrace of Finca Luz. Transportation can be provided from town by arrangement at no additional charge.

Contact us at boquetecloudforest@gmail.com or call 6636-8663 or 6527-5584.