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New CFB Intern

We are delighted to welcome Maddy Thom to Finca Luz and the cloud forest. Maddy brings a sparkling curiosity about herbs and plant healing and excellent research and copy writing skills. We are happy to have her energy here at the farm.

At the moment, she is looking into methods for harvesting the healing resin from Sangre de Drago trees. Turns out we planted a dozen of these trees on the farm about 8 years ago, not knowing their incredible medicinal potential. This is just one instance of the magical synchronicity that colors every aspect of Cloud Forest Botanicals growth.

Now, this month at the full moon, the trees are ready to be 'bled.' We will post a video shortly, so check back. 

The resin from Sangre de Drago is sticky, thick and looks like blood. It has a long indigenous history for use as both a skin wound healer and for serious gastrointestinal problems--i.e. ulcers, colitis, etc. Current pharmaceutical research verifies what the Amazon natives have known for centuries.

Here in the Cloud Forest, we will soon release an new Gut Health formula that incorporates the astonishing power of this tree--which we planted 'by accident.'

... accident(s) manifest the will of God.
— Carl Jung