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Stubborn skin problems? More happy “Rapid Heal” users tell!


Yesterday ( July 21) a new client, Amanda, from Volcan told us  that her husband, Tony, had tried  just about EVERY kind of skin healing treatment on the market, including some VERY expensive ones and prescription ( drug) cream therapies, for the stubborn and unsightly (very angry looking!) skin condition on his head. It was clearly some form of chronic eczema , red, scaly, itchy with long- term inflammation.

A few weeks ago, she bought one small container of CFB’s “Rapid Heal” and reports that it is the ONLY thing that has worked on this and given him relief. The redness is gone and the whole condition is 80% improved.

Our Rapid Heal is a carefully, hand blended mix of  various high potency, organic plant extracts. Each  of the plants selected- rosemary, tea tree, llanten, lavander, aloe and eucalyptus are chosen for their  proven, ultra skin-healing properties. Not only are the phyto-chemicals in these plants anti-bacterial  and anti-fungal, they kill the itch,  reduce swelling and promote speedy healing!

Amanda has since ordered 4 more containers and she says that Tony loves the stuff! and is “ploughing”  through it. She is now looking for any other uses she can find for it . We can help her out there…not only   is this a great treatment for problems like eczema, it is wonderful for minor burns, bruises, cuts, scrapes  and insect bites.

Other clients report that the “Rapid Heal” cream also has effective insect repellent properties and works well here in Panama against coffee flys, no-seeums and mosquitos. All this and it is completely Organic!!!

  • Rapid Heal Ultra – a highly concentrated ointment for skin rashes, eczema, minor burns, bruises, cuts, scrapes, insect bites. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Kills the itch, promotes healing, fast. $7