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Super Gourmet Newest Fan of Cloud Forest Botanicals

We are pleased to announce that Super Gourmet in Casco Viejo, Panama City is now carryingCloud Forest Botanicals. They are located between Calle 6 & 7, San Felipe. Phone: +507.212.3487.

This will make it easier for repeat customers in Panama City to replenish supplies of our completely organic, hand crafted skin care products and herbal tinctures.  And, it will make it easier for new clients to try Cloud Forest Botanical products. Thank you, Super Gourmet! And thanks, as always, to the rapidly  growing number of people who are embracing Nature’s gifts to promote healing and well-being.

Check out Super Gourmet’s website here:http://supergourmetcascoviejo.com.

If you would like additional information, want to schedule a private consultation (in person or online), want to order other products, or want to book a tour of the Medicine Way Trail at Finca Luz,  you can contact the Cloud Forest Queens at info@cloudforestbotanicals.com. Or, call us at either 507-6636-8663 or 507-6527-5584.