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The China Herbal Adventure Continues


The China Herbal Adventure

Many of you have become ardent and loyal repeat users of our popular Café Mousse Face Crème. Here is a bit of the story about why we decided to develop this particular product.

A few years ago, we visited the altiplano (high desert) area of Peru. It was fabulous, but after a few days of that intensely dry environment, the skin on our faces began to flake, peel, crack and fall off. Most unpleasant and unsightly.

Despite frequent and lavish applications of quality commercial moisturizers from Estee Lauder, L’Oreal and Origins, our skin went into shock and did not recover until we returned to Panama. A year later, we visited Mexico and the same thing happened. No matter what products we used, our skin was not happy.

There had to be a better answer, so we began researching and experimenting. After a year of trial and error, we developed the Café Mousse Face Crème and were very pleased with the results. Within a few days of using our own product, our complexions were smoother and had a healthy glow. Within a few weeks, age spots began to gradually fade and tiny wrinkles began to plump out. But, here in Panama, where the air is soft and humid, we thought perhaps it was the climate, as much as anything else.


Not so! During our almost month long visit to China, our skin was put under great stress. It was bitterly cold and dry, and we were outside a lot of the time. Inside, the heating (when there was any), was also very, very dry. The air in Beijing is very polluted from cars and industry. It was the ultimate test. Would our faces again decided to shrivel up and fall off? We religiously applied Café Mousse Face Crème morning and night…and the answer is, No. We emerged from China with still healthy skin and smooth complexions. It works!!