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Turning Away from Big Pharma -- and Back to Nature

Most people understand the terms cannabis, marijuana, THC and CBD thanks to Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the CNN cable series, “Weed” and “The Sacred Plant” docuseries. In summary, THC is found in marijuana and is the phytochemical that makes you ‘high’ and want to binge eat pizza. CBD is the an equally powerful phytochemical found in hemp that reduces pain, the effects of chemotherapy, boosts the immune system, modulates epileptic seizures…the list goes on. What it doesn’t do, is make you “high.” The use of cannabis for the treatment of medical issues dates back thousands of years and it was regularly recommended and easily available.

The criminalization of marijuana in the early 1900’s was the result of restrictions on the non-medical use of opiates and cocaine. In America, opiate addiction was a big problem among middle class white women, who were not allowed into Men Only saloons but could receive laudanum and morphine from their doctors. Early versions of over-the-counter Bayer Aspirin contained heroin. Marijuana got caught up in the anti-drug net.

Now, a 100 years later, people are turning back to what Nature provided -- plant based remedies for digestive problems, seizures, neuropathic pain, depression and anxiety, cancer -- because THEY WORK and have few reported side effects.

Legalization (decriminalization) is proceeding around the globe as countries race to repeal draconian laws. Discussions are already underway in Panama, where hemp derived dietary supplement products (CBD) are legal. In February, CannaTech, an industry leader in the world of medical marijuana, will host the First World Symposium in Panama City. 

My Co-Founder in Cloud Forest Botanicals of Boquete, Dianne Heidke, and I have developed a unique line, Hemp & Herb, which combines potent organic botanical tinctures with CBD isolate from Colorado—with strengths from .4 to 2.5 mg CBD per drop. We ship within Panama and to all of the United States and Canada with free shipping. Our website provides additional information on each botanical, the use, and contents.  www.cloudforestbotanicals.com

Diane and I each have an extensive and varied background before and since coming to Panama in 2004, including work in a botanical research facility. We share these experiences on our website, with the history of our farm.  Our Book List is there also.  Our website provides links to some articles of interest.

The emerging medical marijuana and CBD world market isn’t all about healing, however.  Forbes Magazine is projecting that sales of CBD and medical marijuana will top $3 billion dollars in 2019 just in the U.S.  It takes only a few seconds on Google to turn up millions of hits for products, business start-ups, billionaire wannabees, and multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities.

When seeking out CBD for neuropathic pain, digestive problems, depression, anxiety and other health challenges, ALWAYS ask for a Chemical Analysis and Source of Origin.  Some European and Asian products may be contaminated with heavy metals from decades of pollution. “Know your source.”


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